Inhalation sedation


Inhalation sedation, is when Nitrous oxide gas, more commonly known as “laughing gas”  is breathed along with oxygen through a flexible and comfortable “nasal hood” fitted over the nose. It can be used in children over the age of 5.

It is very safe and there are very few contra-indications to carrying out the sedation, meaning its suitable for most patients.

Many children are too anxious to have dental treatment whilst fully awake, having treatment under inhalation sedation can make routine treatment more comfortable and for anxious children may avoid the need for a GA.

The level of sedation can be easily adjusted since the amount of nitrous oxide gas and oxygen are altered individually for each patient.  It is a very safe gas, and is always delivered with at least 30% oxygen so there is no risk of hypoxia or low oxygen to the brain.

The calming effect begins within minutes and quickly wears off once it has stopped being given to the patient. This enables patients to receive dental care in a very relaxed state and will still be able to go back to school or continue the rest of their day as normal.

All dental treatments can be carried out under inhalation sedation and it is especially suited to children needing orthodontic extraction as most hospitals and community services do not accept NHS referrals for these.

To have treatment with us you can self refer (come direct without a referral) or you may be referred by your normal registered dental practitioner.


Call us on 020 8648 9711 to book your appointment straight away. You can bring your referrals forms with you to the appointment.


Ask the patient to call us on 0208 648 9711 to book  directly.  You can then download our Inhalation Sedation Referral Form and send it direct to us or give it them to bring to their appointment along with copies of any relevant x rays.

For anxious children it is also helpful if you can fill in the  New Child Patient Questionnaire

Our Fees

Initial Consultation and Sedation Assessment £50

(refunded if the patient is not suitable for inhalation sedation)

Age 16 and under
£75 for up to an hour.

The fees above are not inclusive of the costs for the treatment provided under sedation.  If you have any queries please call us on 0208 648 9711.

We offer discounts for those families who are on a low income, please ask when booking your appointment for details.