Miswak or Toothbrush, is there a difference?


‘Miswak’ is a natural toothbrush commonly used by Arabs  and Muslims from all around the world, formed from the chewed end of a stick (Salvadora persica).  It has been scientifically found to be effective at improving oral health and the miswak itself has many additional chemical qualities (Almas  1999).  The use of Miswak in western countries is increasing among people wanting to use a ‘natural’ product and among Muslim communities who seek the religious virtues of using a ‘miswak’.

If you compare a ‘toothbrush’ side by side with a ‘miswak’ they have many similarities.  Both can be used to effectively remove plaque but both need to be used in the correct way with good instruction and good technique.  But that’s not where the similarities end… did you know that most islamic scholars say the same virtues are applicable to a traditional toothbrush?

I wrote an article for a website promoting health among muslim communities that discusses the religious virtues of the miswak in comparison to a toothbrush and finds that the religious virtues of using a miswak are also attributed to using a toothbrush, so not so much of a difference after all!

To read the full article follow this link here.  Remember if you don’t know how to use Miswak, it can cause damage to your teeth and gums, for further information feel free to contact us or make an appointment