Dental Care Plans

Dental treatments and materials vary greatly depending on the level of aesthetic precision or strength required.  We aim to make quality dentistry affordable to everyone, whilst maintaining choice , so have separated our dental care into two different plans.

Basic Dental Health Plan.

This plan will cover your oral health needs to treat dental disease, secure oral health and routine maintenance.  it has been designed to be similar (but not identical) to the NHS treatment bands for dental treatment.  The aim is to secure oral health with  sound evidence based treatment and preventive care.  For more details please contact us.  Urgent Dental Care is not covered under the Basic Dental Health Plan, and carries a separate fees.

Advanced Care Plan

Most of our patients will be able to receive all their oral health requirements under our Basic Dental Health Plan.  However for our more discerning patient, looking for the more aesthetic treatment options, cosmetic dentistry or with advanced dental health needs, we offer an itemised treatment list, with different treatment options and prices clearly indicated.  When you attend for your initial examination the relevant treatment choices and prices can be discussed and the differences between different options can be highlighted to you to help you make an informed decision about your care.